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Nintendo Switch could be getting Pokémon "Star"

Pokémon Sun & Moon have now officially released for the Nintendo 3DS and now there are reports of a third version coming to the Nintendo Switch. This next Pokémon could be called “Star” Eurogamer claims “multiple sources” have told it this third Alolan adventure is currently titled Pokemon Stars–though that may just be codename.
Stars was due for release in Summer 2017, but has apparently been pushed back to “later in the year”. The game is being made at long-time Pokemon dev Game Freak, and will feature higher-resolution assets enabled by the platform’s greater power. It will, however, have the same map, journey, and art style as Sun and Moon.
If this is all true it will be the first time a mainline Pokemon game to ever appear on a Nintendo home console.
Nintendo Switch is set to launch in March, more details on the console is coming January 2017.

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