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Nintendo Switch Finally Gets Bluetooth Audio Support With Bionik’s Wireless Adapter

The Nintendo Switch handheld console launched over two years ago; although the latest hardware from the Japanese company does break traditional boundaries of sit-down consoles by allowing the device to dock & undock at any time, there are some things that the console still lacks. One thing in particular being the ability to use Bluetooth devices regarding wireless headphones.

Advertising on the sake of portability with the Switch being able to take your game on the go, it was a big head scratcher trying to understand why Nintendo did not launch the hardware to support wireless headphones. Well that is not a problem anymore as Bionik Gaming has created an adapter for players to simply insert into the Switch display and sync their headphones to the device.

The BT Audio Sync is an additional attachment that Switch owners can purchase and simply enter into the bottom of the hardware to sync any Bluetooth device. The adapter can be plugged into the USB-C port on the underpart of the Switch which allows players to use their own headphones or speakers to connect to the device.

Even when docked players can use the adapter: by easily plugging one end of USB-C cable into the Switch’s dock and the other into the BT Audio Sync to charge the adapter, your Bluetooth devices will also be supported when playing on a TV as well.

Bionnik Gaming’s BT Audio Sync is available now for purchase on their website with the adapter listed for $39.99.

Source: Bionik Gaming


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