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Nintendo Switch Is Getting A New Brain Age Title In Japan This December

The once long ago series of Brain Age which surfaced alongside the release of the Nintendo Switch over a decade ago will be returning with a new installment for the Nintendo Switch this coming Holiday in Japan. Nintendo revealed this with two trailers showcasing the new capabilities of the game thanks to the additional features built in the portable console.

Derived from both video showings, the game alike previous titles on its two-screened ancestor shows to push the limits of your mental capacity in short trials of questions as well as cooperative games. Although the original titles did only provide content for one player at a time, two player support is present with several different mind boggling experiences to take on when sharing two Joy Cons.

Another addition features augmented reality games with the Switch’s IR camera: for the sake of the video, you can see the player hold up their hand to answer questions as the Joy Con reads how many fingers they have. Impressively, the camera seems to process what the player is displaying nearly in the next instant as they continue on to the next question.

Of course, this would not be Brain Age without a stylus to draw out your answers as like we did when the game was out on the DS. The Nintendo-specialized stylus will launch alongside the new Brain Age for 864 Yen / $8.

As of reporting, there is no plan for the upcoming Brain Age title to release outside of Japan. Looking at the sales following the early Winter release, that could sway the title to push past borders like previous titles did years prior. Would you play Brain Age on the Nintendo Switch?

Brain Age will be available December 27, 2019 for Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Source: Gematsu

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