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Nintendo Switch Online Breaks 10 Million Subscribers

Reporting just this January that Nintendo has surged in users for their Nintendo Switch Online service since its debut back in September last year. But following the head count surpassing 8 million subscribers, the number continued to grow at a steadier, but slower rate as now Nintendo have disclosed that the online subscription has now overpassed 10 million as of the beginning of July.

Gaming outlet reported that the service just hitting 9.8 subscribers by April, the amount increased by an additional 200,000 users within the two following months. Though how questionable the service is seeing that it was initially a cost-free feature, it looks that Nintendo did, however, convince Switch users to purchase a subscription.

Reported back in April, it was shared that Nintendo sold over 34 million Switch units, meaning that nearly 1/3rd of Switch owners have purchased the service at some point since September to this past Spring. With the service advertised with $7.99 for three months or $19.99 for 12 months, it is pretty evident how accessible and affordable the subscription is in contrast with competing online services.

Offering online services, of course, Switch Online also features a catalogue of NES titles from the hand-picked library that receives monthly additions. Exclusive titles like Tetris 99, and other unique features like cloud back-up saving is also provided to those who purchase the service.

Recently, Nintendo shared that despite the steady growth of Nintendo Switch Online, the company is looking to expand the service to other possibilities. As for way towards how Nintendo plans to pursue this has yet to be specified.



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