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Nintendo Switch Online details include Cloud Saves and NES games

Nintendo has finally shed some more light on their upcoming paid Nintendo Switch Online service slated for launch this September. In addition to being able to play online games, you will also get some additional perks for being a subscriber. First, cloud saves will finally be available, a feature long awaited by many in the Nintendo community. As of now, if you lose your Switch or it breaks, you may be unable to retrieve your saves. This will change once this service starts, especially useful for those of us with hundreds of hours of gameplay in Zelda: BotW or Super Mario Odyssey. You will also get access to a growing catalog of NES titles with Online Play added. You will be able to play certain games co-op or against one another for the first time ever online. The program will launch with 20 titles including:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Donkey Kong™
  • Mario Bros.™
  • Super Mario Bros.™
  • Balloon Fight™
  • Ice Climber™
  • Dr. Mario™
  • The Legend of Zelda™
  • Super Mario Bros.™ 3

More titles will be announced soon and continually added to the program as well. Hopefully we will see SNES games or even GameBoy titles make their way over.
Members will also get access to special eShop offers as well as having the ability to voice chat through the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app. Unfortunately it still seems like we will be unable to voice chat on the console itself, something that is a big disappointment. Pricing for the program will start at $3.99 for a 1 month, $7.99 for 3 months, or $19.99 for 12 months. In addition, a family membership will be available for $34.99 that will allow up to 8 accounts to receive the benefits of the program.
Will you be paying for a Nintendo Online subscription?

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