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Nintendo Switch Sports arriving April 29, 2022

Posted on February 9, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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If you had a Wii you knew what Wii Sports was all about. Playing Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Tennis or even boxing with your family it was a great time. In the recent Nintendo Direct that aired on February 9, 2022 it was revealed that a new iteration of the Wii Sports series is coming, Nintendo Switch Sports.

You can play sports such as Bowling, Tennis, & Chambara as well as three new additional sports including Soccer, Badminton, and Volleyball. The launch of this Switch Sports title will be on April 29, 2022 and there will be an online mode where you can compete against users around the world. 

A free update will arrive in the summer, expanding the Leg Strap accessory compatibility to Soccer matches. Additionally, a second free update planned to arrive in the Fall will add Golf to the playable sports

There will be a online test for Nintendo Switch Sports on February 18th and all the way through February 20th.

Were you prepared for this unexpected announcement?


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