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Dying Light 2 Denounced For Nintendo Switch Release, Surprise Planned For Later This Year

It has been nearly a year now since the surprise reveal at the 2018 Microsoft press conference of Techland’s Dying Light 2, and since then the Poland-based developer has been keeping to themselves on the development of the upcoming title. This year’s Reboot Develop Blue event held in Croatia just passed last month and technology ...
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Minecraft Marketplace: Free Mash Up Pack Out Soon

The Minecraft Marketplace has always been a love/hate type of feature. Some love it and some hate it. One of the reason some people may hate it is because of the prices. Well what if I told you that you could get a mash up pack for free? Crazy right? Well its true! Confirmed on ...
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Ghost Face Announced For Dead By Daylight, Release For Switch Revealed

The team over at Behaviour Interactive continues to bring new yet netorious villains to the Dead by Daylight roster as the latest reveal comes from the Scream movie franchise with the film’s antagonizing Ghost Face killer. In the short cinematic trailer, it portrays some of the iconic frames from the films such as their combat ...
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Full List For Contra Anniversary Collection Revealed

The third collection in celebration of Konami’s 50th Anniversary has finally been detailed as the publisher officially lists what titles will be coming with the bundle of classic titles for modern hardware. As we are already familiar with some of the titles that are already coming with the Contra Anniversary Collection, Konami sneaks in some ...
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Minecraft Marketplace Map Review: Wildlife: Jungle

Wildlife: Jungle is a map by PixelHeads. It is priced at 1340 Minecoins. PixelHeads have made maps such as Wildlife: Savanna and Luxury Life. Ever since 1.10, a big feature for map makers was introduced: addentity. This is a feature that allows map makers to add new mobs to the game without replacing the current ...
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