Nintendo Teases New ‘Smiling Man’ Horror Title Emio

Posted on July 10, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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For the next year, the most-anticipated announcement from Nintendo is word on its next console. Although there is no concrete confirmation on what the new system will be, the firm did state that a proper reveal will be held sometime before the end of the fiscal year – March 31st, 2025. Reports on the console do indicate it could be adopting magnetic Joy-Cons for the new hardware.

Additionally, leakers suggest the system features backwards compatibility with the original Nintendo Switch as well as a unique cartridge & camera features. One aspect Nintendo did comment on the new hardware is availability. It stated that production will ramp up to battle resellers online. As for new titles, it has yet to be confirmed what games could come to the system.

One obscure teaser this week could point towards one game for the new system. On YouTube, the official Nintendo YouTube channel uploaded a teaser titled ‘Emio’ with a simple feed of a man in a trench coat wearing a bag with a smiling face on his head. You can watch the teaser in the video below:

“#WhoIsEmio”, the description reads for the teaser on YouTube. Gematsu does indicate that the Japanese trailer does offer a link to an official website for the ambiguous title. Playing a loop of the same footage, the domain does read ‘Smiling Man’. More interesting is the overall approach to this reveal with little to disclose on what appears to be a new IP.

Even more, the realization that Nintendo could be publishing a horror title is one aspect many did not expect to check off on their bingo card. And that the trailer – show as little as it does – is also age-restricted goes to show that this is something unlike Nintendo has ever done before.

What do you think Emio will be?

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