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Nintendo will increase production of Switch hardware if demand is shown at events

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Recently, Nintendo had announced that they will be having a presentation on January 12th in Tokyo, Japan for the Nintendo Switch. The company also said after that conference they will be bringing the console to media events and public events in the U.S. and Europe, because they want to see what the consumers think of this new hybrid console and they would like to hear the prices they want it to be so it is easier for Nintendo to make a fair price.
Nintendo plans on shipping out 2 million units of the Nintendo Switch which is 1 million less than the Wii U. The company would like to avoid making that mistake again and they’d want to make sure they can sell these units fast. If they see pre-orders going up and the demand they may consider pushing more out then as seen in this tweet below:


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