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Nioh 2 Set To Launch Next Year In March, Beta Drops This Coming Friday

Upon further details being showcased for Team Ninja’s upcoming title Nioh 2 at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, the latest trailer for the game showcased that the title is scheduled to release sometime in early 2020 for PlayStation 4. Despite not revealing a specific date for the game to officially drop, having some tangible timeframe is at least a good idea as for when to expect the game.

Now today, the Japanese developer announced that the action hack-and-slash will finally be arriving this March right before the turn to the next fiscal year. Producer for the game Fumihiko Yasuda shared that the decision for the later than wanted launch date announcement for Nioh 2 was primarily drawn from the necessary time needed to ensure the same quality fans of the first installment experienced atop of pushing those same boundaries for the sequel.

One of the primary reasons for not rushing to set a launch date was to ensure that we can achieve a “genuine evolution” from Nioh, which to us meant that we needed to bring in fresh new elements while retaining the things that we felt were right from the first game.

Yasuda then goes to explain that despite the lack of diversity in contrast from the first title to the previous beta for the follow-up, he emphasizes that there will be a major shift in the game’s experience that Team Ninja would like to share through the approaching playtest for the title. Announcing that an open beta for Nioh 2 will be commencing just after Halloween on November 1st and will be active until the later coming Sunday on November 10.

What players will witness in this new beta for the game, Yasuda reveals that the dojo from the tutorial for the original Nioh will be replaced with the Interim: a safe haven for players to collect themselves, arm their new weapons, and practice their movesets. Following from exiting the new hub, you will be met with a new area, Sunomata. Yasuda shares that this new location will show its own similarity to the previous playtest’s Village of the Cursed Blossoms by replacing the cherry blossoms with maple leaves.

Pre-orders for the game are live now for either the standard or Digital Deluxe Edition: pre-ordering either of the two will gift some in-game extras such as the Demon Horde armor set, Sudama netsuke charm, and a bevy of PlayStation cosmetics such as themes & avatars.

In the meantime for players who will be thirsty even after the sequel’s open beta closes, Sony Interactive Entertainment that the original 2017 title will be free for November’s PlayStation Plus lineup starting on November 3rd.

Nioh 2 will be available on March 13, 2020 for PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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