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No Man’s Sky Latest Outlaws Update Welcomes Improved Space Combat, Bounty Missions, And More

Posted on April 13, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Dabbling into the ongoing stretch of content arriving to No Man’s Sky, developer Hello Games continues to drone to a fine tune when delivering new updates to its ongoing title. For 2022 alone, fans witnessed the welcoming of February introduced the Sentinels Update which included new mechanized warmachines to the game alongside a complete overhaul to the weapon system sewed into the core gameplay as well.

Elsewhere this year, Hello Games is set to embark onto a new platform for No Man’s Sky: Nintendo Switch. After years anticipating the game would hit Nintendo’s latest flagship console, the game is slated to arrive later this year. However, summer 2022 is the scheduled time window with no specific release date provided as of yet.

This week, Hello Games returns with a new update. In that, the new Outlaws Update puts the law into its own hands bringing players to outer space battles and bounty hunting for rich rewards. You can watch the Outlaws Update trailer in the video below:

One of the hallmark additions to the game is the new outlaw stations scattered across the galaxy for the rotten space travelers to congregate in. “Across the galaxy, star systems have fallen under outlaw control. System authority has been surrendered to rebel forces, leaving space unpoliced and ripe for piracy.

“As well having no Sentinel interceptors, outlaw systems have their own technology merchants, their own marketplace for contraband items, their own unique mission agents, and much more…” Smuggling is a new pastime for those in search for a new income which promises high payout for those itching from their bad side.

Are you excited for the new No Man’s Sky update?

No Man’s Sky is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and PlayStation VR.

Source: Hello Games

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