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No Man’s Sky Visions Update Brings Appeal To The Eye

Not too long before Hello Games introduced The Abyss which brought players to the depths of newly added oceanic planets, consumed by water and inhabited by new aquatic life. Now recently the studio has revealed that the latest update for the galactic explorer title will bring new planets and worlds with more visual aesthetic to leave a good first impression.

Titled ‘Visions’, this new update will feature more diverse universes which will hold more variation in land masses, vegetation, atmospheres, and bodies of water. Reflecting back on the game’s launch back in 2016, many passed judgement on the game was the lack of change when travelling between planets. So this will resolve those who have been patient on seeing more different and alive worlds within the depths of space.

New species of creatures will inhabit these newly added worlds along with a variation of different materials that are littered throughout the planet’s surface. And be careful where you shoot your mining laser as some creatures might hold the same form as the minerals you try to obtain. While exploring you will also stumble upon extraordinary objects which you can put on display for your ventures on the many exotic planets alongside the rare fossils of alien skeletons which can be sold at a price when completed.

Other forms of matter that you will find when travelling are the hazardous yet ordinary-looking herbages like trap plants or gas floras. Storm crystals hold their own position on these worlds also as they can only be found in the worst atmospheric conditions. Other instances that occur are the fallen satellites and cargo freighters that will happen from time to time again.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Hello Games

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