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No More Heroes Director Wants To Remake Flower Sun And Rain

Goichi Suda revealed that the long-awaited No More Heroes III is officially the next project for Grasshopper Manufacture back at this year’s Nintendo E3 Direct, since then the studio head has only shared a selected amount of information regarding the upcoming game that many fans are eager to learn more about. Seeing that the game would release later next year in 2020, the fanbase is still interested to have more tangible details for the newest installment.

In the midst of the game’s furthered development leading closer to the new year, it wasn’t until this October that Suda 51 has shared to be working alongside Deadly Premonition Director Hidetaka Suehiro on the new “side-scroller,” Hotel Barcelona. Upon learning about this new collaborating project, it looks that Suda has more he would like to take on in the future as well.

According to an interview with WCCFTech, Suda would also like to pursue a remaster for his previously released Flower, Sun, and Rain for the PlayStation 2 which initially launch back in 2001. The game has received a port for the Nintendo DS which arrived later in 2008. When questioned about the chances of seeing a return to his classic titles, specifically his 1999’s The Silver Case, Suda redirected his answer to his liking.

One game I’d really like to remaster is Flower, Sun, and Rain.

Concerning Suda’s current No More Heroes III, the Game Director reveals that the project is roughly 35 to 40 percent completed in the title’s development process. Adding on, he swiftly denounces that the game is not the largest budget title the team has developed, however, he does reiterate by clarifying that this will be bigger in terms of open world compared to the first installment of the series.

Reaffirming on his previous announcement which revealed that the title would return motion controls, Suda was questioned how No More Heroes III will reintroduce the feature that would take the preference over using the buttoned inputs. Where he responds with the statement: “It will definitely have the motions you know from the series, but the real challenge was figuring out how to best use the Switch hardware. There are some interesting new possibilities.”

Some finer details shared reveals that Nobuaki Kanko will be in charge of the game’s soundtrack: most notably known for his work for The Snow White Murder Case which received over $1 billion Yen since its release. Suda elsewhere in the interview shares that his paired development with Swery 65 is expected to release as early as 2021, most notably that the project has yet to start development due to finding a publisher still. And more news is said to revealed for No More Heroes III sometime later this year or even in early 2020.

What do you wish to learn more about Suda’s upcoming lineup of work?

Source: WCCFTech


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