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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Technical Analysis

It seems that the Oxford lass cannot travel anywhere without disaster striking, from boats….jeep rides and planes she is a ...
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DO NOT pre-order an Nvidia RTX card until you read this!

I know some may find that title “attention” grabbing, but it is really a statement that is true for any ...
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Is Ray Tracing the future of gaming?

Video game graphics have evolved over the years from the early inception of pixels and vector graphics in the 70’s ...
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Xbox Scarlet & Streaming Games

  Internet all the Things In this new, connected age many of us could not do anything without our link ...
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UHD & HDR Explained

With all the talk of full range colour, high fidelity viewing, life like images and uncompressed pixels ahoy it can ...
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God Of War – A biblical resurrection for PlayStation

Kratos was not the only one in exile for the past few years, the Studio behind the Greek hurricane have ...
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Microsoft Surface Go hardware Review

Review By | Michael Thompson Hardware Reviews, NX Gamer The best value Surface yet | Game Review Summary Smaller and ...
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