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// Technical Analysis

Resident Evil 2: Remake – Graphics & Performance analysis | Every version tested from PC to consoles

     Capcom are on a roll and bringing back dem 90’s feels. Not only with new DMC titles that ...
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Devil May Cry 5: Demo Analysis

Nero is the back and as bad as ever, being the star here but the final game will give us ...
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Elea: Chapter 1 Technical Review

You never get a second chance to make a first impression as the saying goes, is evidently true for many ...
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Tetris Effect | Technical Review – PSVR/PS4/Pro

Tetris Effect | Technical Review - PSVR/PS4/Pro Graphics Sound Immersion Overall 4.6 Summary Not just a game, a state of ...
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For Honor: Marching Fire | Technical Review

Beat-em-ups used to rule the world in the 90’s. Arcades were enjoying a daily deluge of new contenders to that ...
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Astro Bot Rescue Mission: PSVR Technical Review

9/10 Graphics - 9/10 8/10 Sound - 8/10 10/10 Gameplay - 10/10 9/10 Summary A resounding success that delivers the ...
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// Hardware Reviews

RTX 2070 GPU Review: Is a $600 graphics card upgrade worth it?

   PC gaming is having that upturn within its cycle again, despite Nvidia’s best attempts to ruin it. It always happens ...
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Microsoft Surface Go hardware Review

The best value Surface yet Build quality Screen size & quality Performance (Desktop) Performance (Games) Value 3.6 Summary Smaller and ...
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