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Obduction Release Date Annouced

Posted on June 3, 2016 by Paul Ludlow

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Obduction, the upcoming adventure game developed by Cyan Worlds, finally has a long awaited release date.
After successfully being Kickstarted in November of 2013, the game promised a mid-2015 release. However a delay caused it to miss this window entirely and a new release date of June 2016 was touted. The game was delayed once again, this time for positive reasons, and is now scheduled to release on the 26th of July as revealed in the trailer below. This latest delay was to allow for the game to simultaneously ship both the regular and virtual reality reason.
Obduction is a spiritual successor to the Myst series, also from developer Cyan World, and is set on one of several alien worlds that the player character has been sent to after being abducted. The aim is to then explore the environment, solve puzzles and make game altering decisions all with the aim of finding a way home. It will cost $30 and is available to both PC and Mac users.

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