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Oculus Connect 6: Hand Tracking Technology Coming To Oculus Quest Next Year

Facebook-owned Oculus back in May launched the wire-free Oculus Quest for VR players to fully experience the freedom of a virtual reality headset without being bound by cords and your computer. The newest product from the company also homed the Quest Store which players can purchase and install games since the headset is not connected to any external hardware.

Now that the Quest has been experienced by fans this past few months, Oculus is ready to share what is coming next to the headset. During today’s Oculus Connect 6 presentation, Oculus announced that implementation for hand tracking will be coming to the Oculus Quest sometime next year in 2020.

Hand tracking on Quest will let people be more expressive in VR and connect on a deeper level in social experiences. Not only will the current community of VR enthusiasts and early adopters benefit from more natural forms of interaction, hand tracking on Quest will also reduce the barriers of entry to VR for people who may not be familiar or comfortable with gaming controllers.

Adding on, Oculus shares that the upcoming feature originated from a research project initiated by the product & design teams at the Facebook Reality Labs, but later evolved into this new mechanism which seamlessly detects your hand movement into the third dimensional realm when in use. The requirement for additional sensors or active depth sensing cameras is a thing of the past thanks to the device’s monochrome cameras to determine your hand placement.

The company also goes on to indicate that this new technology could potentially imitate the functionality of augmented reality glasses and bring a broader experience what might have never thought possible for VR. Especially seeing that AR is still a pricy market to tap into, this would be a cost-easy alternative for the time being. Word on if hand tracking compatibility for Oculus Rift or Rift S has not been mentioned by Oculus nor Facebook.

Oculus states that the hand tracking feature is set to come at an unspecified timeframe later in 2020.

Source: Oculus

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