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Oculus Connect 6: Oculus Link Let’s You Play Any Rift Game, Scheduled For November

Although the capabilities of the Oculus Quest does now allow players to move freely without the hassle of intruding wires that restrains them from movement and overall interferes with the experience of the content, the headset does however miss a lot of what the previous Oculus Rift holds in its storefront. But that will soon be a thing of the past as Oculus Link will bridge that problem in the coming months.

Announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at this year’s Oculus Connect 6 keynote, he reveals that Oculus Link will make “your Quest a Rift now too.” How this will be implemented is by a single USB-C cable that will plug into the headset and your PC. By linking the device to your hardware will allow players to play any game on their Oculus Rift catalog directly to their Oculus Quest.

Zuckerberg does clarify that most USB-C cables will be compatible with Oculus Link to easily stream your games to the headset. But Oculus will also be creating their own branded cable that will not only be long enough to enjoy your rift games without the annoyance of pulling, but will charge your Quest when plugged in as well. The premium USB-C cable by Oculus is projected for around $79 when the software launches later this Fall.

Outside of the Day One keynote, Facebook did confirm that those who plan to use Oculus Link for their Quest will also gain access to their SteamVR library and play those games just as they could with their rift library.

Oculus Link is said to release sometime this November for Oculus Quest.

Source: Oculus


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