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Oculus Connect 6: Vader Immortal Episode II Comes To Oculus Quest & Rift Today

Inching close to tomorrow marks a year since the announcement of the Oculus Quest which introduced the bound-less headset that gives virtual reality players the freedom to experience the platform with zero restrictions that hindered the overall outcome of the first ever wire-free device. Alongside the headset’s announcement came with launch titles, more specifically Vader Immortals.

Playing as a smuggler near the home planet of the Sith Lord himself in Mustafar, you and your droid companion ZO-E3 embark on a journey towards deciphering the mystery that surrounds Darth Vader. Introducing a canon story set in the Star Wars universe, Episode One of Three brings impactful light saber battles and the world of George Lucas’ cinematic universe to VR.

During today’s Oculus Connect 6, Oculus and ILMxLAB announced that the second episode of the Star Wars VR trilogy will be available for both Oculus Quest and Rift. Following the events of Episode I being instated as Lord Vader’s apprentice, Episode II continues on learning the force from the Sith Lord and taking on the challenge to uncover the ancient artifacts that live beneath Vader’s castle in Mustafar.

The game’s developer shared that along with purchase of Episode II, players will also be provided with Lightsaber Dojo II. Similar to the first version of the training simulator to test your limits with a light saber at hand, Sith prodigies can now experiment with their newly gained force abilities as well.

Do you plan on getting the second episode for Vader Immortal?

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – Episode II is out now for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest.

Source: Oculus

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