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Official Announcement of Battlefield 5 coming May 6th, according to a report.

UPDATE: Battlefield 5 reveal coming May 6th at 4 PM EST. Check the countdown here
EA has said back in 2014 that Battlefield 5 was real and that it could come out this year . Well, a German website might have found the details on when the game will be revealed. Battlefield 5 looks to be revealed on May 6th at 8 PM CET to press, with a livestream of the event to follow at 10 PM CET.
Here is what the official invitation says that was sent to press:
“The future of Battlefield is coming up and you are invited to the world premiere,” it reads. “On May 6, we will reveal the next milestone in the Battlefield franchise. Come and meet our creative team at DICE.”
It has been teased that the game will have a “military style” to it and seems to be shaping up as a fun new Battlefield.
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