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Posted on March 26, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Innova Systems has launched the official site for Halo Online, giving more clue to the setting, and tone of the game. It is viewed best in Chrome with the translator turned on, due to the page’s native language being Russian.  The site is interactive, and has 3D models of Halo 4 style spartans, which could be seen in Halo Online. The site has a sign up page, where  you can request an invite for the closed beta. Here is the introduction text to the site:

“Become a member of the closed Alpha testing and getting into the program. “SPARTAN- IV!” You’re going to train at a top secret space station “Anvil”, using the latest prototype armor “Mjolnir” and the latest weapons and UNSC Sangheili

Only the best can apply for participation in the program. Only exceptional will be accepted”


Also more info on these awesome looking SPARTANS:





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