Official PlayStation Magazine Clarifies Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel From Upcoming Issue’s Cover Is For The Titan Comics Series

Posted on April 28, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Just last week, Video Game Chronicles dished out another report suggesting that the whereabouts of a follow-up for Guerrilla games’ Horizon Zero Dawn is currently underway at the Amsterdam-based developer. The information disclosed from individuals familiar with the project disclosed that the game has been in productions since 2017, following the initial game’s release, and aspects of online co-op support will be introduced someway into this new entry.

Riding on anticipation from that news, the juiciest part coming from it all is that the game has shifted its embarking from the current PlayStation 4 platform for the newly approaching PlayStation 5 instead. With that in mind, fans are now aiming towards any news regarding the next-generation system to potential learn more about the unannounced sequel.

Just recently, the upcoming issue for Official PlayStation Magazine has leaked revealing the cover which disclosed that new detail on the upcoming PlayStation will be shared. However, what grabbed public eye is a subtitle that talks of the sequel for Guerrilla Games’ 2017 title. “Revealed: The surprising Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel,” the title reads on the cover.

But despite what you might think, Official PlayStation Magazine goes to clarify that this is not the previously reported sequel for the open-world, action-adventure series. But instead is the following story of the inspired Titan Comics series that takes place after the events of the original game.

Even more, the publication to verify the clarification by sharing that pre-orders for the comic is now available. On the website provided, the listing shares that the comic is legitimate with a scheduled release date to commence its arrival late this August. The expanding story comic series is told to include efforts from Anne Toole, one of the writers for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Despite the upsetting and somewhat misleading titling from Official PlayStation Magazine, it is clear that this is in fact not what fans were anticipating when initially reading the cover. The publication goes on to confirm that the issue will discuss more information on the upcoming PlayStation 5, but now what was insinuated from online speculation.

When speaking with Bloomberg previously, Sony shared that the firm will be unaffected by the current events inflicted by COVID-19. Expanding on that, it was said that a potential event might be taking place very soon to share more on the matters of pricing and the release date for the system itself. You can get yourself up to date on that report by heading here.

Are you interested in the forthcoming Titan Comics Horizon Zero Dawn series?

Horizon Zero Dawn #1 will be available to read on August 5, 2020.

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