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Old School RuneScape Is Getting A New Skill

Posted on August 31, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Jagex released Old School RuneScape 10 years ago and since then the game has yet to receive a new skill. This version of RuneScape was based on the 2007 era of the game which was before the Summoning & Dungeoneering skills. For the past few months, Jagex conducted polls to gather ideas for a new Sailing skill. The latest polls showed that the new skill was favored.

What is Sailing?

Sailing is an open-world utility skill which lets you experience exciting new content that can only be found at sea. As you progress through the skill, you’ll become captain of your very own ship, explore new islands filled with new content, and command a crew of loyal NPCs. You can customise and upgrade your ship and fill it with useful Facilities. Eventually, you’ll be able to explore the deepest and most dangerous parts of the ocean.

Sailing will be one of Old School RuneScape’s biggest content updates ever bringing a variety of training methods to try for all types of players. The recent poll asking the community if they’d like a new Sailing skill received over 160,000 votes with the majority saying ‘Yes’.

Jagex approached the promotion of the new Sailing skill differently. They surveyed the community over the last few months, asking about the best way to train and how the gameplay should work around it.

Now that Sailing is approved to join Old School RuneScape, the developer will provide a mini roadmap outlining their development process and ways for the community to be involved.

Are you excited about Sailing?

Source: Jagex

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