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ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore Recap

The One Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore is a 6 day event , 3 days of online bracket plays and 3 days of lan stage . This is a prestigious Dota 2 tournament as it is one of the first few big events that are happening in Singapore. A total of 12 teams will battle it out gruesomely to win a total prize pool of $500,000 USD. This being a Third-party event is considered as a very large amount for the prize.

Over the first 2 days of group stages , 4 teams make it to the upper bracket they are Team Alliance , Team Secret , Evil Geniuses(EG) and Gambit Esports . While another 4 Teams are seeded into the lower bracket , they are (VP) , TNC Predator(TNC) , Vici Gaming(VG) and Natus Vincere (Na Vi). Lastly the teams who got eliminated are PSD.LGD , Team Liquid(TL) , Team Aster and J.Storm. The most shocking of all is both PSD.LGD and Team Liquid . As PSG.LGD came in as 3rd place at TI19, so for them to get eliminated this early into the tournament is shocking but also tells us the level of competition in the tournament. Same for the TL boys, before they were acquired , this roster looks one of the few stronger ones. On the other side u have EG and VG who are one of the more favorite teams to win this tournament and a surprise from Gambit Esports doing pretty well in groups.

Going into Day 1 of the tournament, we have Gambit Esports going against Team Alliance, where Gambit won with a convincing 2 – 0 over Alliance . Putting Alliance into the lower bracket , on the other upper bracket we have EG facing Team Secret , Same as the first series of the day , EG put up a convincing 2 – 0 against Team Secret. This might be one of the last times we will see Midone playing for Team Secret. With Gambit winning over Team Alliance , many is surprise and is starting to look at Gambit roster.

Day 2 we start off with the lower bracket round 1 where we have VP going against Na Vi , where VP took the game with an astounding 2 – 0. As we know both teams are from the CSI Region we expected a closer games, but VP just show they can outclass Na Vi . With that Na Vi is out of the tournament coming in 7/8th place alongside TNC, as TNC lost to VG . However the series between VG and TNC is a close one , with TNC taking gaming one and VG taking games 2 and 3 . TNC making a few crucial mistakes causing their run in the tournament to be cut short. For the final game for the day , we have the 2 victors of the upper bracket from day 1 EG vs Gambit , after such a convincing tournament from gambit , as much as EG is the favorite many expect it to be a close game. But unfortunately for Gambit, EG took the series with a convincing 2 – 0 with both games falling under 30 minutes .

Going into Day3 , we open the day with VP vs Alliance , taking it to all 3 games, Alliance managed to edge out the win over VP . Despite VP confidence that they could take down Alliance . The 2nd Series of the day we have VG over Secret , many anticipated it to be one sided as the day one performance of Secret is rather lackluster . The winner of the series goes to VG taking 2 – 1 over Secret . With 2 close games going 1 – 1 of each side , no one expects it to be such a one sided game by VG on game 3 with a kill ratio of VG 24 – 5 Secret . The last series of the day is between VG and Alliance , where VG sound an astounding performance taking 2 – 0 over Alliance . With that we left 3 teams in the tournament going into championship Sunday.

On to the last and final day of the tournament we have the lower bracket semi finals of VG vs Gambit , where once again VG shows their prowess and take a convincing 2 – 0 over Gambit . With that we have an exciting finals on our hands , a BO5 between VG and EG . Many expected EG to edge over VG with how convincing their performance have been since the start of this tournament . But a surprise happen with VG win the series , and not only winning the series , but doing it with a convincing 3 – 0 . Being the champion of the tournament they win a trophy in the shape of a belt and also $200,000USD . While hoisting the trophy , Vici’s coach rOtk announced on the stage: ”Chinese Dota will never die”

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