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Only one person was required to get Forza running at 4K 60fps on Project Scorpio

Only one person was required to port Forza in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second to Project Scorpio. Earlier this month Eurogamer said porting ForzaTech to the Scorpio was relatively easy and was accomplished within only two days. What wasn’t reported is that only a single person was required to accomplish this. As covered in a recent Gamasutra article, Forza developer Turn 10 actually had Microsoft engineer Mat Lee locked up in a room to get Forza up and running on the Scorpio in 4K.

“So Matt Lee, from the Direct3D team on Xbox, he shows up with a cardboard box full of parts,” Turn 10’s software architect, Chris Tector, told Gamasutra. “It’s like, a loose motherboard, the debugging adapters, the drives. And he sets it up on the desk. And it’s just like, there’s no proper cooling on it, so we just have a fan sitting there. And it’s blowing across it, and it vibrates, and the fan starts moving and the whole thing shuts down because the memory overheats and…it was comedy. So we taped the fan to the desk and we kept going and within 2 days, we were already running at 4K [resolution] 60 [frames per second].”
“We had set up this whole locked room. You know, secret hardware, gotta keep him sequestered while he’s working on it for the weeks and weeks it’ll take,” Tector continued. “And after two days he [Matt Lee] was like, ‘Well I’m gonna go, you guys can play around with it for a bit. I’ll come back in a day.’ And this was like this huge sigh of relief for us.”

There has been lots of coverage on Project Scorpio this past month including the revelation of the dev kit which is nothing near what the consumer product will look like.

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