Open Beta For PlayStations 5’s Final Fantasy XIV Version Can Carry Over PlayStation 4 Data

Posted on April 4, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Although many games of the PlayStation 4 era are playable on the latest PlayStation 5 system, developers still believe there is more to be dealt in favor of their releases for the newest consoles on the market. Namely, the ability to take advantage of the technological architecture to bring new standards that prior hardware could never achieve.

So for games like, let’s say Final Fantasy XIV, is being reworked for the PlayStation 5. Already, the game can break expectations in performance if you play on PC, but, the title does not compete on PlayStation 4. However, Square Enix presses that the version will be facing a makeover to better complement the latest PlayStation hardware.

In a new blog post that arose last week, Square Enix presses on the finer details in regards to the approaching open beta for the game promised previously. Atop of the process to join, it reiterates that players can begin so on April 13 next week.

Most exciting about the public playtest for Final Fantasy XIV going live in the next week is that player’s progress can carry over for the open beta as well. And unlike previous hiccups for PlayStation 5 users digging how to transfer their progress, the Japanese company insists that acquiring your data is as easy as “select ‘FINAL FANTASY XIV PS5 Upgrade Edition (Beta Version)’” option when using the store page.

In other news regarding Final Fantasy XIV coming to new consoles, the same story is still uncertain for Xbox owners. While Square Enix is adamant to support the platform, game director Naoki Yoshida tells that plans for content in advanced for the online title conflicts with work for a port to Microsoft’s platform. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you planning to take on the open beta for Final Fantasy XIV next week?

Final Fantasy XIV comes to PlayStation 5 sometime in fall 2021; available now for PlayStation 4 & PC.

Source: Square Enix

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