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Original Doom 2 Floppy Disks Being Auctioned Off

If you are a Doom super-fan then now is your time to try and own a piece of Doom history! Head on over to eBay and you can participate in an auction to potentially obtain one of Doom 2 creator, John Romero’s original floppy disks. There are a total of five floppy disks being sold with the bids starting at $10, only now to be at $505 USD.
Romero has said that the disks work perfectly however, the glue from the label is starting to peel off due to its age of 23 years. The original box for the game is not included with the floppy disk but, Romero will sign the the floppy disk if you want him to do so.
If you are looking to place a bid do it quickly as the auction ends on Wednesday at 9:13 AM.

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