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Original Voices For Max And Chloe Returning For Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Bonus Episode

For anticipation waiting for Episode 3 of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm to get some answers from Episode 2, we instead get an update for the bonus episode ‘Farewell’.
For this bonus episode you return to playing as Max at a young age. Presumably that Max has no time changing powers and is possible that this might be the last time seeing Max and Chloe together.
Original voice actor for Chloe Ashly Burch had to step out for Deck Nine’s three-episode game due to the voice actor’s strike, hindering her from continuing the role for the prequel. Until recently as SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild) came to an agreement with video game companies and allowing Burch to return for the bonus episode.
Stated by Deck Nine’s Jeff Litchford:

The team here were thrilled to hear the news that both Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch were able to come back together again to voice Max and Chloe. We were really happy with Rhianna DeVrie’s performance as Chloe in Before the Storm and the fan reaction to her has been great, she’ll continue to work closely with us as part of a really close team we have created.

The ‘Farewell’ episode is an Deluxe Edition exclusive episode and as of yet cannot be purchased outside of the bundle.
Source: Life Is Strange Tumblr

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