Our E3 2017 Predictions

Posted on June 8, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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E3 2017 is right around the corner and of course there is lots of speculation for each company. Especially for Microsoft since they are set to reveal Project Scorpio’s Official name, price, and release date and of course new games to come this Fall and the future.
Some of the team here at Rectify Gaming have decided to share our predictions on what we think will happen during E3 when it comes to new game announcements.
Here they are:
Mike Boccher:
Ubisoft Splinter Cell,
Square Enix Marvel game stuff shown footage
Bethesda -Elder Scroll 6 announcement but far way off
Valve/Half-Life 3 Xbox, Fable new games for Xbox.
Nintendo – Zelda new story details for 2nd expansion.
E3 2017 is going to mark Project Scorpio’s official debut, meaning we will see its design, price, and name. Specifications have already been announced by Digital Foundry which you can find out more here. My predictions for Xbox E3 are simple. I expect Microsoft to release Scorpio at $399-$449, to name it Xbox One X and market it with a simple slogan “The world’s most powerful console”. This is the E3 Microsoft is going to start pushing third-party developers to Xbox One as the lead platform to play the best games at true 4K/60 FPS. I fully expect at least one new IP exclusive to Xbox platform, but if Xbox has more in store, it would be critically cherished.
Onto my favorite franchise Halo, 343 has said they have a “little something” to show off at E3. My first thoughts were Halo 3: Anniversary which has been confirmed to not exist, then a possible Halo Wars 2 campaign DLC but I hear it’s not that as well, leaving a potential patch for Halo 5 supporting 4K resolution and hopefully splitscreen. I would love to see Halo: Reach running at 4K/60fps.
Kinect has been dead for a long time, I have no expectations Xbox is spending time to even acknowledge the future of Kinect. In short, Xbox’s E3 is going to be 80% games and 20% Scorpio. Fun times ahead for Xbox fans.
Daniel Brennan:
Sony announces PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale 2, Sly Cooper 5 is announced. The next Monster Hunter game is exclusive to or at least available on PS4. PSN ID name changes. Kingdom Hearts 3 gets gameplay shown at Sony’s E3, same with Final Fantasy 7 remake.
Adam Ferrero:
Scorpio will be named Xbox One X and will be $449 with a game bundled in.
Valve is a no show.
New Wolfenstein.
BioWare’s new IP will be a strong candidate for Best of Show.
God of War too.
Something big from Gears of War/Halo/Tomb Raider for Xbox. Hopefully a slew of new titles too. Xbox is dying for games right now.
4K will be the biggest talk across all developers. Everyone wants to get 4K content out right now.
This years E3 is going to be interesting. You know what Sony will bring which is a load of first and third party games and possibly some big surprises, you have Nintendo’s Direct and who knows what they could announce since they are just starting to get back into the picture when it comes to competition with Xbox and PlayStation.
In my honest opinion once E3 is over I think everyone in the gaming world will be talking about the Xbox Briefing because there are so many unanswered questions with games going into it. So here are my predictions:
343i could reveal Halo Reach Remastered/Port, I still have a small hope for Halo 3 Anniversary despite the denial many times by the company. Lastly, I think we could see something completely different in the Halo series.
I’ve been saying it for a while now and I think we see Ori & The Blind Forest 2.
I expect EA to have a decent presence at the show with FIFA or Madden shown in 4k on Scorpio, also Battlefront 2.
Microsoft will announce the official name of Scorpio, but will reveal multiple bundles ranging from $399-$499 and expect different colors available at launch. Also, possibly a bundle with an elite controller.
Assassins Creed Origins will most likely be shown at the Xbox Briefing.
I think it’s possible to have Splinter Cell at Microsoft’s Briefing and announced timed exclusivity or they could do that with the new Tomb Raider.
I also think we see Mike Ybarra come on stage to discuss even more new features coming to Xbox One in the future.

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