Our Super Bowl 51 Predictions

Posted on February 5, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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Once again it’s that time of year. The Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in America at least and possibly the world where two of the best teams from the NFL take on each other. For the past 3 years now we have done our non-serious Super Bowl predictions usually we do a video of us playing Madden NFL and we play as the two teams in the championship final.
Only a handful of us had given predictions this year while some were confused what even a Super Bowl was and some of us don’t even follow sports so these scores may or may not make any sense.
Sergio: Patriots over Falcons 31-24
Michael Boccher: 52-3 Atlanta Falcons over Patriots
Shade: I’ll say 28-24 Falcons
Koala: 27-13 Falcons – I don’t follows sports.
Vengnc3: 41-27 Patriots are going to win and I really hate that.
VelikaYT: I second Vengnc3’s pick
Daniel Hartshorn: 17 to Patriots I don’t know how the scoring or anything works in the NFL.
Irish Daniel Brennan: 19 to Patriots.
Adam Ferrero: 35-31 Pats, sad to predict.
Tyboy: 30-17 Falcons, Patriots are overrated.
It’s quite even when it comes to some of our team who predicted the Super Bowl.
Most of the other guys on the team don’t follow Football, but that’s alright at least they like to play good video games.

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