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THQ Nordic announces Outcast – A New Beginning

Posted on August 12, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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THQ Nordic’s Digital Showcase has taken place with numerous announcements for new games that will be coming out in 2024 and beyond. Game reveals included South Park: Snow Day, TMNT: The Last Ronin, Titan Quest II, and Space For Sale.

Outcast – A New Beginning from Appeal Studios was another game showcased at the THQ Nordic event.

The original team behind Outcast 1 has reunited to create this fascinating world, full of dangerous creatures and home to the Talan people – an ancient culture whose fate has become inextricably linked with earth since the events of the first game. You play as Cutter Slade, ex-Navy SEAL, sporting the same dry wit he had back in the 90s – however, the world around him has changed and eventually, so will he.

The trailer takes you on a fantastic journey with the Ulukaï – the name given to our hero, Cutter Slade, by the Talans. He is the chosen one destined to reunite the people of Adelpha and liberate it from the invaders! Discover how all living things on Adelpha coexist in harmony and learn how to forge alliances or gain powerful abilities. Think strategically and act as a true hero, making a difference wherever you go.

Outcast – A New Beginning is coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series XlS in the future. A release window was not mentioned from THQ Nordic. You can wishlist the game on Steam now.

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