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Outlast II Review – I've Never Been So Terrified

Posted on April 25, 2017 by LumberjackRy

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Outlast II 2

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Price: $30
Format: Digital (PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam) and Physical
Developer: Red Barrels
Publisher: Red Barrels
Genre: Survival-Horror
Release Date: April 25th, 2017
Reviewed On: PlayStation 4 Pro
Review Code Provided: yes, by Red Barrels

Outlast II is the terrifying sequel to the 2013 title Outlast. The game follows Blake Langermann, a cameraman traveling with his wife, Lynn, to a mysterious farm all the way in Arizona. The couple’s job is to try and find out why a pregnant woman was murdered. When you arrive, some storm comes and knocks your plane down to the ground. After walking around for a bit, it turns out that you aren’t the only ones there. This is where I’ll end it, you can enjoy the rest of the story in your playthrough!
Now the controls of Outlast II are almost identical to the first title. All the camera features are the virtually the same, still collection batteries and all that fun stuff. Now one thing to note is sometimes the camera makes things look brighter than they are with the naked eye and I’m talking without the night vision off. That honestly surprised me when I first saw that because the game is VERY dark and I’d imagine it would stay the same when using the non-night vision mode on the camera. Another thing that changed camera wise is the ability to use the mic to track other people. Now I haven’t played the original Outlast since maybe late 2014 so I don’t honestly remember everything from the game but I’m sure you can’t heal which is present in the sequel. You can also fight back in certain situations which saved my ass a couple of times. While I remember moving 1-2 things in Outlast, the sequel has a LOT more things that can be interacted. Notably carts and shelves, they can be used to reach multiple things such as ledges or windows.

No game has ever fucked me up as badly as Outlast II did

The look of the game is insanely impressive. It’s such a step up from the original Outlast which was already really gorgeous. Everything from the lighting to the crisp and clean presentation is just breathtaking. I’m very glad that Red Barrels chose to lower the film grain effect because it was terrible in the original game. It’s hardly there now and I’m super glad about that and now it actually looks like a good edition since it isn’t such a heavily added feature.
The game took me about 6 hours to complete which seems short to the average game but it felt like it took way too long to even complete. While longer than the original game, the game at least felt like it dragged on but also was awesome to play. The puzzle segments were even harder than expected because of the bad AI and at the same time there were 0 directions and I was stuck on a level for about and hour and a half. Speaking back on the terrible AI, after say dying, the enemies would spawn in the same place so you can run around them with ease and becomes more of a trial and error type deal. It’s beyond scary how easy you can escape from these enemies.
Outlast II plays with you in a horrible way. Everything from the jump scares to the twisted, creepy, and unbelievable events that occur, you might wanna run away from this game. And it keeps on getting worse with that scary ass audio!
Trophy Time: 25 this time round, up from only 14 with the original. 1 Platinum, 7 Gold, 9 Silver, and 8 Bronze. Check out the full list here.
The PlayStation 4 Pro version comes with tons of upgrades including higher resolution shadows, higher quality texture filtering, and more.

Outlast II 3

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