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OUYA Store Officially Closes Next Month

Looking back to the dawn of the current generation of consoles where Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 butted heads leading up to Fall 2013, you might have glanced over another debuting platform that also released the same year. Started from a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 introduced the OUYA to the world the following year in 2013.

Pitched to bring affordable gaming to the market compared to other competing platforms by selling the hardware at just $99, the Android-centered console was seen to change the industry following it’s crowd funding success when reaching roughly $1 Million in donations. But as cheap as the price was, so was the console with inexpensive plastic to make the controllers and limited capabilities ultimately stopped the OUYA in its footprints.

Now fast forwarding to 2019 this week, gaming manufacturing company Razer who currently owns the OUYA has revealed that the store will be open until June 15th of this year. Leaving users who still play on their OUYA less than a month to access the store before cutting the cord.

This doesn’t mean you will be unable to use the console following mid-June: you just won’t have the ability to download applications and games from the respected storefront.

How do you feel about the OUYA finally kicking the bucket?

Source: Razer

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