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Panic Button Is Up For Wolfenstein: The New Order On Switch, But Only If Bethesda Is Too

Closing up on the release of the Wolfenstein sequel Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for Nintendo Switch, port studio Panic Button was recently asked by GameSpot if there was any chance of seeing the first title getting it’s own port. The studio’s CEO responded that the team is open to the idea, but Bethesda has the final call on the idea.
The studio behind bringing 2016’s Doom to the Nintendo Switch was questioned during E3 if Wolfenstein: The New Order along with its prequel DLC Old Blood could be making its way to the Switch. Panic Button boss Adam Creighton stated on the chances of seeing this becoming a reality:

That’s a Bethesda discussion, honestly. It’s [up to] them and Nintendo as to what would work for the platform.

With The New Colossus is releasing on Switch as the base game without the already released DLC for other platforms, New Order bundled with Old Blood for Nintendo’s platform isn’t out of the question entirely. Skyrim for the same platform launched with all DLC expansions, leaving the possibility of seeing this sometime in the near future.
Following up on Creighton’s statement, when asked on if the port is already in development the CEO responded: “Not currently. Not that I know of, but Bethesda may have other plans. And we on the Panic Button side are totally up for anything.”
As of yet there’s no word on if we might see the first part of BJ Blazkowicz’s story coming to the Nintendo Switch, but until more news comes, stay with
Source: GameSpot

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