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Paramount reveals first look at Season 2 of Halo

Posted on December 2, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Earlier this week it was revealed that Season 2 of the Halo Television series would begin streaming on February 8, 2024, on Paramount+. Today, 343 Industries and Paramount revealed the first-ever look at the new season of the TV Show.

Following the events of Season One, picking up six months later, the state of the galaxy is very different to Season One as the Covenant War rages on and world after world falls to the alien alliance. Against these ever-mounting odds, the Master Chief must fight to prevent the war from tipping irrevocably into the certainty of extinction for humanity.

Joseph Morgan will be making his debut as part of the Halo cast playing James Ackerson who has been a key part of early Halo novels like The Fall of Reach and Ghosts of Onyx.

To catch up on the series, you can watch the first season of Halo on YouTube.

Source: HaloWaypoint

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