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Party Animals – All Last Stand Maps

Posted on September 20, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Party Animals is now available for Xbox Series XlS, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, and PC and it offers a nice variety of maps for players to enjoy right at launch. There are three game modes: Team Score, Arcade, and Last Stand. We are going to list off all of the Last Stand maps available in the game and there are a total of 9 in this game mode.

Last Stand’s default settings is teams of two, but you can change it to free-for-all or teams of four. The goal remains the same either way and that’s to be the last man standing in these brawl-focused modes.

Ichiban – Engage in a fight on a flat arena surrounded by a creeping green fog. As the battle progresses, this fog rises onto the stage and drains health from anyone within it.

Typhoon – Battle atop a nuclear submarine that periodically launches missiles, creating powerful shockwaves. Over time, the submarine begins to sink, necessitating a climb to higher ground for survival.

Broken Arrow – Struggle on a fighter jet that tilts and sways, with strong winds adding to the challenge. As time passes, the plane’s surface becomes icy and slippery.

Winter Is Coming – Fight beside the bonfires of a snowy village. In the midst of a snowstorm, maintain proximity to the fire to prevent freezing. As time passes, the fires one by one die out.

Wind Tunnel – Battle within a wind tunnel where occasional gusts can blow players away. Players can raise three wind shields by pulling levers within the arena. However, these levers will gradually break with increased use.

Black Hole Lab – Fight within a lab where black holes are generated. During these events, hold onto heavy objects to resist being sucked in. Over time, the black holes’ gravitational pull increases.

Beat-Up Bridge – Battle on a deteriorating suspension bridge. The ropes can be broken, and they will also gradually snap on their own over time.

Gator Valley – Fight on a decrepit log bridge beside a waterfall at the edge of a massive alligator-shaped valley. Occasional large waves can push the log bridge towards the cliff.

Ice Breaker – Engage in combat on a floating ice sheet. Falling into the water for too long turns players into an ice block. Over time, the ice sheet cracks into smaller pieces.

Last Stand might be a fan favorite when it comes to Party Animals as it’s basically a mini Battle Royale. It definitely consists of fun maps that will keep you entertained for hours.

In our review of Party Animals, we gave the game a 9.0/10 and we think it’s the perfect party game to play on Xbox and PC.

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