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Party Animals – All Team Score Maps

Posted on September 20, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Party Animals from Recreate Games features a wide variety of maps across three game modes including Team Score which holds a lot of fun maps to play on. Beast Hockey, Beast Soccer, and Beast Football are just scratching the surface when it comes to this game mode.

We are going to list all of the maps available in Team Score.

Lollipop Factory – Fight in a candy factory, scrambling for large gummy bears and small candies. Win by bringing candies back to your base and prevent the opponent from scoring.

Fluffy Redemption – Two teams on parallel trains throw coal into their train’s furnace to speed up, or pull the handbrake on the opponent’s train to halt their progress.

Into the Game – Score points in an arcade by playing a coin-eating game or fight against opponents who are playing the game.

Safely Afloat – Compete for safes hung from floating balloons, score by pulling them back to your base.

Trebuchet – Score by launching bombs with a trebuchet to the opponent’s side. Prevent scoring by throwing incoming bombs into the water, or create chaos by launching yourself to the opponent’s side.

Buzz Ball – A basketball-like game where you score by throwing an electric ball into the opponent’s goal. If too many players hold the ball, it explodes.

Beast Hockey – A hockey-like game where you use your fists and feet, and the puck is bigger than your character.

Beast Football – An American football-like game where hitting opponents is allowed.

Beast Soccer – A soccer-like game with an unusually large ball, and you’re allowed to use your punches. This map can be fun to play or boring depending on the group of people you play with as trying to score a goal can be hard. Check out our gameplay video.

Party Animals is a fantastic casual party game and at Rectify Gaming we gave the game a 9.0/10 in our review.

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