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Party Animals has a “Platinum” Achievement

Posted on September 23, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Party Animals has been released for Xbox Series XlS and PC which means the game will have achievements for players to earn. There are a total of 93 achievements in Party Animals with most of them being about winning a certain amount of matches, completing challenges, and more. Something that Xbox does not have is a “Platinum Achievement” whereas PlayStation has been known to have a Platinum Trophy which means you’ve earned all trophies in the game.

Party Animals technically only has 92 achievements with the 93rd one being to complete every other achievement. The Platinum Animal achievement is worth 140 Gamerscore and the description says to Unlock 92 achievements which is every other one in the game.

A recent report shared that Microsoft is interested in doing an overhaul for Xbox Achievements which would introduce a Platinum-like achievement to the platform.

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