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Posted on September 15, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Party Animals from Recreate Games features a wide range of animals from puppies to kittens to teddy bears and ducks. The development team did a great job providing options for all players to look unique in each game you step in. While browsing through these animal characters we noticed that there were some familiar-looking costumes that were clearly inspired by popular video game and movie characters.

Let’s take a look at the Party Animals Characters that look like popular figures you’ve most likely seen.


Garfat is a character you can choose in Party Animals and it clearly looks like the popular cat figure, Garfield. What gives this away is obviously the name, but the look of Garfat resembles Garfield very well if he were to eat lots of cat treats. This is just one of many cat characters this game has to offer for players. We thought this one was worthy of a mention, but it’s nowhere near the other ones you are about to see.

Sword Macchiato

Yes, another cat character look alike and this time it’s Sword Macchiato resembling another popular orange cat known from his own movie series and Shrek, Puss in Boots. This Epic costume is for the Blue Macchiato character available in Party Animals and you’ll look like a badass cat on the field playing in the Animal Football League.

Orange Harry

Orange Harry is the costume of Harry the Duck in Party Animals and the image explains itself. Clearly it has similarities to Psyduck from the Pokemon series. It was already teased in the game’s official trailer earlier this year, but this one looks very similar to the character inspiration out of any on this list.

Milky Bob

Last on the list is Milky Bob, a bear playable in Party Animals. It reminded us of TED, the famous teddy bear from the movie series with Mark Wahlberg. To some, this one may not be a great comparison and initially, we thought Milky Bob looked similar to the Snuggle Bear that’s advertised with the popular fabric softener.

What do you think of these character comparisons?

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