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Party Animals is now available for Xbox Series XlS and PC

Posted on September 20, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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After waiting for a few years Party Animals is now available on Xbox Series XlS, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass. Recreate Games hosted three exciting weekends of beta tests that helped Party Animals reach the #1 most wishlisted upcoming Steam game. 

Our team is so happy that Party Animals has officially launched! We are incredibly thankful for the support and patience from our community over the years and we can’t wait to hear from more players as they experience the full game. We hope everyone enjoys some fun times with friends and makes some new ones within the game!” Zixiong, Producer & Art Director

Party Animals features seamless crossplay between Xbox and PC, so inviting your friends to the party is an easy process. The party game features a variety of 20 maps across three game modes Last Stand, Arcade, and Team Score. 

Gameplay Features:

Unique Physics Engine – Completely physics-driven character movements lead to seemingly haphazard, floppy, unpredictable, and hilarious encounters. Will your punch land in that sweet spot and send your foe flying off the stage, or will it knock your own character completely off balance?

Variety of Game Modes – With 20 different maps and 3 game modes to choose from, including free-for-all skirmishes and objective-based gameplay, players will journey through an eclectic mix of environments where anything can happen – such as all-out lollipop warfare between a cute dinosaur and a fluffy shark!

Cute Animals – Choose your character from a diverse cast of adorable animals, customize their appearance, and dive into the cuddle puddle mosh pit!

Collect Cosmetic Items – Over 200 cosmetic items, such as animals and outfits, can be unlocked by acquiring in-game currencies through gameplay or purchasing them. Cosmetics are purely aesthetic and do not provide any gameplay advantages… aside from being cuter than your opponents, of course!

Seamless Crossplay – With cross-platform play between PC and Xbox, no friend will be left behind in this whirlwind of absurdity. Say goodbye to the fear of missing out on the nonsensical shenanigans—everyone’s invited to the party!

You can purchase Party Animals for $19.99 USD or buy the Deluxe Edition for $29.99 USD. 

Party Animals is a fantastic casual party game that offers a fun gameplay experience providing a wide variety of game modes, maps, and customization for all players to enjoy. In our review, we gave the game a 9.0 out of 10. 



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