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Posted on September 15, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Party Animals from Recreate Games features a wide variety of game modes that span across 20 maps splitting into Team Score, Last Stand, and Arcade. We played on every single map in almost every way possible and we are here to share some of our favorites in this game.

All of these game modes can take anywhere between 10-15 minutes.

Here is our Top 5 list of our favorite game modes in Party Animals.

Beast Soccer

Beast Soccer is a soccer-like game mode with a large ball where you have to punch the ball into the net to score. This game mode overall reminds us of the popular title, Rocket League, but with animals running around and hitting each other trying to gain control of the ball.

At times during this mode, all players will find themselves piled on top of each other trying to knock others out at the same time trying to play the objective. In order to win a game of Beast Soccer you’ll have to score a total of 6 goals or if neither team does a timer will go off with 60 seconds remaining.

Winter Cabin

Have you ever wanted to fight in a bar like it’s the Wild West? Well, now you can in Party Animals with the Winter Cabin map that is part of the Arcade mode of the game. The goal is to basically knock out 10 lives of the opposing team by throwing them out of the door or window forcing them to freeze to death. If you’re looking to have a good laugh we totally suggest playing this map with your friends.

Beast Football

The Animal Football League debuts in Party Animals with Beast Football. This mode will have fans of football or sports in general excited. This is a mode where team communication will be key since everyone on the field is trying to beat you up or drag you out of the way to grab the football. You can throw the pigskin toward your teammates and will have to walk into the endzone in order to score. Just like Beast Soccer, it will take 6 total touchdowns in order to win.

Gator Valley

If you are looking for a fast map to play on in Party Animals, Gator Valley might be for you. The goal of this one is to stay on the bridge the longest and be the last one standing. As time progresses you’ll notice the bridge lose parts of it and the water waves get more intense forcing you to hold on to the bridge. This map can be very entertaining at times as well with friends and something that stuck out to us was the water in this game with how great it looks.

Beast Hockey

What’s not to love about Beast Hockey? There’s nothing like eight animals going after one giant ice puck in a small ice rink trying to score six goals in order to win a game. Out of all of the sport-related maps, this one is the smallest although it might be a little more difficult. One of the neat features of this map is that each team gets a shield so a teammate can act as a goalie. The shield provided actually helps defend a lot and could make the other teams frustrated.

We had to sneak Beast Hockey on this list.

Party Animals will become available for PC via Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series XlS, and Xbox Game Pass.

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