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Patent From Nintendo Makes Your Phone A Game Boy

It was recently discovered through a patent filed by Nintendo that the company is creating a phone case that not only looks like the Game Boy, but also will be able to like the handheld as well. The pocket-sized case was filed back in March, but video  game outlet Siliconera has just stumbled upon it giving a gist of what comes from the images on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

Shown form the patent images illustrates that the majority of the screen will be used to implement the sleeve’s functions for your smart phone. The buttons on the bottom will be able to read inputs on the touchscreen to register actions when pressed. With a complimenting space to view what you’re playing like the original handheld. Additional space was made on the case for players to insert headphones and access the charging port.



With this patent being officially filed from Nintendo, this doesn’t confirm if the company has already started development on the project or not. For how you will play games through this patent, it’s assumed that some sort of Game Boy emulation will take place as it’s obvious we won’t be using the initial cartridges. Which might answer why Nintendo has been shutting down several sites holding roms for the handheld’s games.

It was discovered previously that Nintendo filed trademarks for the Game Boy and GameCube. Assuming that it might have been for a classic edition console, it wasn’t confirmed if that is true or not. Leaving an implication that it was meant for this newly discovered patent.

For when we might expect to see this come to store shelves is unknown. As nothing has been announced from Nintendo, we might never see the device officially arrive.

Source: Siliconera

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