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Path of Exile: 2021 Closeout Schedule

Posted on December 3, 2021 by Ryan McGlinchey

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As 2021 comes to a close, Grinding Gear Games has announced several 10-day events to celebrate the coming of the New Year. There will be six events spread out across five weeks and will all be free-to-play, offering some amazing prizes. 

Endless Delve 12/3 – 12/13 – Love Path of Exile but hate all that mapping and main story nonsense? Well GGG has something for you! Dive deep into the mines with 24/7 Delve mode! Players will experience a whole new leveling system all while keeping the darkness at bay.

Zizaran’s Gauntlet 12/10 – 12/20 – Streamer Zizaran will once again be hosting his Gauntlet featuring increased monster health and damage. Players can expect to earn points by slaying powerful bosses and monsters found around Wraeclast. 

Endless Heist 12/17 – 12/27 – This brand new mode from GGG features players skipping the whole campaign and dropping straight into Heist content. Hire rogues, destroy the guards and escape with the loot! Be careful though – if you die you lose the loot! 

Atlas Invasion 12/24 – 1/3 – Have you ever thought that campaign bosses are just too easy? Why not take on map bosses throughout the campaign! These formidable monsters will reward players greatly if you dare to cross them. 

Delirium Everywhere 12/31 – 1/16 – Get caught in the mist and defeat powerful enemies in this new mode! Every corner of Wraeclast will be covered in the dense fog of the Delirium, making every area much harder for even seasoned players. Expect to see me running cyclone through hundreds of Delirium filled areas. 

Path of Exile: Royale feat. Brutus 12/9, 12/23, 12/30 – Battle Royale returns to Wraeclast in an ever-shrinking circle of mayhem! Except this time with a twist – Brutus will be in the center of the circle waiting carefully to dominate anyone who gets near. 

All events will allow players to be eligible for an Atlantas Mystery Box for reaching level 50, and you are entered to win other microtransactions based on additional level progression. This event’s Top Ascendancy Class reward is the elusive Demigod’s Authority. Be on the look out for Twitch Drops on the first day of each event as well! This promises to be an event filled with something for everyone, whether you are speeding through the mist of the Delirium or carefully scheming in Endless Heist. New and seasoned players will find excitement and adventure as we close out 2021! 

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