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PAX East 2019: Bee Simulator Will Surprise You In A Good Way

This past PAX East had to have the most simulators playable among any other event we’ve been to. One of those simulators that we got to try out was the Bee Simulator and we must say, it’s surprisingly enjoyable. Right from the title you know you are playing the life of a Bee and you’d assume you’ll just fly around a medium sized world with no objectives at all. While playing on a laptop I was using an Xbox 360 controller and the controls at first seemed a bit odd to use, but as time went on it became more comfortable to play.

What they had us do was the tutorial which was to collect a certain amount of pollen around this area that looked like it was around a canyon. Once you completed the task you are brought in to a boss battle which is fighting a wasp. During the fight of the wasp you had to use a mouse since they are still working on some things with using a controller, but your hits depend on when you left or right click at a certain time on a bar the screen shows.

One of your main objectives throughout the game is keeping the hives safe from the threat of humans. As we mentioned there is a story to this game, but there is also exploration mode which allows you to freely discover a world inspired by Central Park in New York. Not only that, there is a split-screen mode with co-op and competition gameplay. Bee Simulator includes three maps for you to explore to enhance your experience rather being in one area the entire game.

Throughout the game there is educational elements as well with the ability to interact with people, animals, plants, and other insects. Surprisingly, the game has its own music composed by Mikolaj Stroinski who worked on The Witcher 3 soundtrack. Another thing you might question is there other types of bees you can play as? Well the CEO of VARSAV Game Studios, Lukasz Rosinski had stated there are six different options to choose from.

Overall the experience I had was enjoyable at PAX East with Bee Simulator. The graphics were great for a simulator game because the other ones that I saw and played did not match the level with this one when it comes to art. One thing I hope they fix about the game are the controls when it comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Don’t over look Bee Simulator when it officially releases sometime this year.

You can learn more about VARSAV Game Studios here. 


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