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PAX East 2019: Hell Is Other Demons Offers Arcade Platformer Fun

Platformers as a medium continue to find new ways for developers to differentiate their projects from other titles that share the same concept. Either it being from more serious & less forgiving experiences to fun & energetic, there’s a flavor for everyone to enjoy in the genre. Like every PAX, there are some that direct itself from the others and holds its own authentic concept with interesting gameplay mechanics to keep you playing longer than you expected.

I’m talking about Cuddle Monster Games’ Hell is Other Demons: from the title’s colorful & contrasting color scheme, synthwave-focused soundtrack, and dynamic gameplay features grabbed me instantly and killed 15 minutes which felt like seconds with my short demo of the game.

To be honest about the core gameplay of this game; the learning curve is heavily present and will be difficult to get the hang of staying alive longer than you would have expected. Even my first attempt with the game only lasted about a minute. But I gradually learned the character available for the demo and progressed pretty far into the title at one moment. For how the platformer plays out regarding it’s story, each level is randomly generated for three parts and ends with a boss fight with a transition to the next world if you are successful with the ending battle.

I spoke with August Brown from Kongregate on what will be available with the full game and filled some of the empty slots I had questions about. For the game’s demo, the only available character goes by the alias ‘The Rebel’: other diverse characters, weapons and customizable load outs are said to be planned/currently in development. Brown shares that there are roughly five major bosses that are planned for the game’s full version with an story completion expectancy roughly around 5 – 7 hours.

For how many weapons in the demo alone hardly reaches half that is promised when the game officially debuts as Brown states that there are “about a dozen or two different passive weapons in the full versions” along with 10 standard weapons on the way also. When progressing with the character, you will be given upgrades that can be applied to both you and the weapon you have equipped which adds to the madness already in front of you.

When asked if there are any modes that speedrunners can take advantage of for the platformer, Brown shot down the question that the game’s main campaign is planned to only offer leaderboards for scores, not time.

The game’s story is intended to offer arcade mode for players towards bragging rights: the game is mainly for beating friends when you have them over to see who can last the longest.

Looking at the choice of picking the Switch as well as PC for launch, I questioned if the game will take advantage of the feature exclusive to the Nintendo platform and Brown commented that HD Rumble will be the only feature as supporting one Joy Con will hinder players since the title needs two and gyro functionality won’t work for the type of game.

Lastly, I asked about his preference for the game and why he feels players will enjoy the title from their first impressions with the choice of colors and even the in-depth soundtrack & sound effect for the game. Adding on that Remi “The Algorithm” Gallego is the one behind the game’s soundtrack and vvvvvv‘s Composer, Magnus Pålsson is responsible for the sound queues.

Hell is Other Demons is expected to drop for PC and Nintendo Switch sometime in Q2 2019.

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