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PAX East 2022: Arcade Paradise takes you back to the early 90’s

Posted on April 29, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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At PAX East, Wired Productions had one of the more eye catching booths with a variety of game developed by passionate game developers. One game that caught my eye right away was Arcade Paradise developed by Nosebleed Interactive because it immediately took me back to Game Room which used to be on the Xbox 360, but was short lived. 

In Arcade Paradise you are set in the early 90’s whilst working shifts at your father’s laundromat you dream of running a videogame arcade. You play as Ashley who is young and charismatic. 

At first when playing the game you are put into this city area where you’ll find yourself seeing the laundromat where you work to earn money by cleaning laundry, picking up garbage and overall maintaining the building. In the back of this laundromat you will find an Arcade filled with machines that each have their own games and with the money you make you’ll be able to acquire new games for the arcade and grow it more.

What is good to know about this game is that you can spend a good amount of time trying to unlock new games while also trying to complete certain titles that’ll take you a couple hours alone. To me it’s important that a game can keep you involved to an extended period of time without getting bored fast. 

Some of the arcade games involved in Arcade Paradise can take a couple hours to complete themselves including Zombat 2 and Woodgals Adventure. Those are just two games that I was able to check out which can be challenging at first but will keep you busy and won’t be a quick play through either! 

Talking to Andreas Firnigl, one of the lead designers on Arcade Paradise I asked about the idea of possibly putting games like Pac Man for example and what the process would be. Andreas explained that the goal of this project was to have it all be original throughout its entirety. 

During my play through at PAX East of Arcade Paradise I would say this game is worth a shot and who knows there’s a good chance you’ll like it! 

Check out our interview with Nosebleed Interactive below:


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