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PAX East 2022: Gearbox Acquires Tiny Tina Wonderland Team, Borderlands 3 To Add PlayStation Cross-Play, New Tales From Borderlands Confirmed

Posted on April 26, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Exploring what the future holds for the Borderlands IP, developer Gearbox Software is still looking for new windows to continue to franchise with 2K. Although Gearbox has been acquired by Embracer Group previously, it was confirmed that the team will remain to work with 2K which owns the rights to the property. So far recently, the series welcomed Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

From our review of the game, we wrote “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a great return to form. It evolves and modernizes the core gameplay experience. Custom characters and multi classes create the best build crafting yet, and the story and presentation are the best they have been since Borderlands 2.”

At the annual Gearbox Panel held at PAX East this past Thursday, the firm revealed it is launching a new Bunkers & Badasses board game alongside Gearbox Founder Randy Pitchford performing a magic trick with the audience. Closing the show, Pitchford announces a new Tales from the Borderlands is on the way. You can watch the segment of the show in the video below:

“We love that format [for Tales from the Borderlands] to create new characters, create new stories, and explore all of that differently than what’s possible with the looter shooter games. Because of the success and our love for Tales, and because of our interest in developing the Borderlands universe in different ways, we thought it’d be fun and exciting to dive into the format of interactive fiction once again.

Pitchford continues, “This time we’re doing it to imagine all new characters and all new stories from the Borderlands. So soon we’ll be announcing an entirely new game set in the Borderlands universe and presented in that style of interactive fiction. I’m talking about an all new Tales from the Borderlands adventure.”

Pitchford goes on to explain that the project is estimated to release this year. However, he does press while the first game was a Telltale Games project, this follow-up will be a unique story crafted by Gearbox Software. Elsewhere during the show it was also announced that Gearbox acquired Lost Boys Interactive who worked on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Here is a statement from the press release:

Lost Boys is an incredible studio with industry-leading talent that continue to push the bar higher for what gamers expect from their favorite franchises. I am excited for Chase, Rod, Shaun, Mark and my old friend Tim, along with all of the incredible talent at Lost Boys, to have an immediate and positive impact on the games secretly in development at Gearbox Software. I am also eager to empower this amazing team to provide their world-class development services to partners and allies throughout the larger game industry.

“We founded Lost Boys with a dream to work on products that would be globally recognized and loved. We’re incredibly excited to join Gearbox and continue doing what we do best – making amazing games that entertain and inspire others,” Lost Boys Interactive CEO Shaun Nieves adds on the acquisition announcement.

And while many might have forgotten, Borderlands 3 never featured full-on cross-play – it was only for Xbox, PC, and Stadia. But at the panel, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 is to receive support as well bridging all platforms together officially now.

What are you most excited from the Gearbox Panel?

Source: Gearbox Software

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