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PAX East 2022: No Place For Bravery Takes The Titling Literally With Its Dark Souls-like Combat

Posted on April 27, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Developer Glitch Factory for the years since its founding has tackled different genres in its time and now meets itself working on yet another aspect not familiarized with its previous work. This time, the game studio brings us No Place for Bravery. The title acts as a top-down Dark Souls-like in terms of its combat while the story touches a lot closer to home – especially for the team behind the game.

At PAX East this past weekend, I got a hands on with a demo of the game and spoke with game designer Matheus Queiroz on the finer details that makes Glitch Factory’s latest project so unique. My biggest question is why the decision to go for a serious-toned, single-player title unlike its previous work like Oni Run or Party Saboteurs. Well, those games were what the developers felt making then.

“We wanted to make games we like to play,” Queiroz explained for his answer to previous projects. Despite the shifted tone on No Place for Bravery, I followed-up on multiplayer being an aspect since most titles from the team featured it. He explained it was considered, but the team ultimately decided to focus on the single-player model entirely.

However, what draws the most authenticity to No Place for Bravery is the story for the game. The synopsis reads in the following: “Thorn, a retired warrior plagued by nightmares, stumbles on an opportunity for redemption after finding clues to his daughter’s disappearance from long ago. With the company of his disabled foster son, Phid, it will be up to the player to decide how far Thorn will go, not only to rescue his daughter but also to fulfill his ambitions.

“The story of Bravery carries a strong message on the role of parental figures and the consequences of their choices in a troubled world. This message is informed by the developers’ personal life experiences, and the game aims to impart these real, resonant feelings with competence and depth.”

Queiroz when elaborating on the parental overtones that is imbedded in the plot for the game, he said it is a common experience that many of the team and most children face being a resident in Brazil. While the game was originally drafted as a “generic” epic for a medieval game, Queiroz said the team at Glitch Factory later wanted to mend the story with events they are familiar with and used the emotion given from growing up without a father.

While the game’s pixelated appearance shows to be a straightforward form of storytelling as you fight and converse with a diverse cast of characters, the game does feature a cinematic element with cutscenes integrated into the storyline. Queiroz told that the amount of detail in the appearance of the game was not only to make the game look good, but also portray a story intangibly when dialogue is absent as well.

“Creating the world we did through making pixel art by hand and doing that would use the whole screen” he explained. Especially with the amount of layers and details that the background alone features when playing and watching the trailers really puts an emphasis on the art direction. “We use the visual aspect without relying on text entirely.”

Exploring the combat, No Place for Bravery takes its titling quite literally when fighting against adversaries. Alike most Souls-like games, it is a balance between precise timing, parrying, and managing health & stamina. But Glitch Factory is not looking to pioneer the genre, Queiroz told me. He said the object for the title is to intersect RPG elements into the playstyle instead.

Elaborating further he added that the game more closely resembles adding tactical gameplay to a hack and slash. Throughout the demo, item managing and combat danced from one another. Additionally, there was some levels featuring puzzle work while still dodging attacks as well which kept the game from going stale too soon.

If you are interested to follow No Place for Bravery, you can wishlist the game on Steam by heading here.

No Place for Bravery is projected to release for PC sometime in Q322.

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