PAX East 2024: Snacko Expands The Cozy Game Genre In Fresh Ways

Posted on March 25, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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In one aspect, ‘cozy games’ are a long tradition of releases that bring a minimalistic formula of gameplay loops and world managing for users looking to jump in without the stress of overbearing objectives. On the other hand, it’s a genre that more recently defines many players tastes and even injected some elements into bigger franchises.

As for IPs that truly embrace this status, titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons & Rune Factory 5 are prime examples of this. And despite the success of the 2020 release from Nintendo especially, there’s an even more surprising lack of support even now for the game.

That’s where Snacko comes in. Although the charm of Nintendo’s animal companions alongside the tasteful sprites of Marcelous is absent, the experience displayed by Bluecurse Studios is nonetheless enticing to say the least.

From the demo available at PAX East this March, I only grow more excited for the larger addition on the way for the game. Thus far, Snacko is available via Steam for Early Access. So, plans to expand on the experience is certainly underway.

From the synopsis on the page, it reads: “Set out for a new life away from the city to rebuild a town from scratch. Decorate, collect, produce, and befriend in this cat-ivating life sim!” So what is Snacko offering? Visually, it’s a pleasant mix of 2D sprite art alongside a 3D environment that marries both symmetrically. Additionally, this combination brings the best out of both too – i.e. when Momo sleeps on the bed.

What’s more is the interactions you have with the cast of animals in Snacko. Throughout my playtime with Snacko, each character did offer a bevy of unique interactions and engaging conversations. Likewise, the same can be applied to the amount of sarcastic responses you can give & receive which are extremely welcomed.

And what I’ve covered thus far is just the base level of the far reaching depth that Snacko offers. Gameplay wise, it delves into community building, crafting, and later even exploration. What is a personal touch I like is the deserted template that players can slowly incorporate their own creative touch to the game. Rather than a blank canvas that lacks influence from the game’s world, I’d much rather prefer a setting already established to expand from.

Although Snacko is out now for Early Access via Steam, the game is evident on its controller-first approach. The UI – which could have been easily overwhelmed for PC input – is instead simplified for traditional controllers. When speaking to Armor Games Studios’ marketing coordinator Ariana Perry, she said that the team at Bluecurse Studios intended to give focus to controller players.

If you are interested in Snacko, we recommend you visit the game’s Steam page and wishlist by heading here.

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Snacko is available on Steam Early Access on PC; Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 versions are promised at a later date.

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