PAX West 2017: Guns Of Icarus Alliance Is A Step Forward In The Series

PAX West 2017: Guns Of Icarus Alliance Is A Step Forward In The Series


Guns Of Icarus: Alliance is a step into another genre of games that are unusual to me. But when conventions like PAX makes its way during the year, I like to try and push the boundaries for something new. After watching the trailers and actually getting my hands on the game, it’s safe to say I can see myself playing more of it. And with some friends too.


Muse Games is known primarily for their airship MMOs starting with Flight of The Icarus (2010), its successor Guns Of Icarus: Online (2012) and now Guns Of Icarus: Alliance. Launched back in March this year, Alliance has been updated continuously for those who play regularly. Naming big ones like adding the Arashi & Yesha Factions to the roster from original 4, class progression for each faction and gamemodes like Assault and Blockade. To more smaller updates like airships and weapons.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Alliance has you play in one of the six factions to fight for which way the world should be restored. You and your crew will man an airship under on faction with a plan to rule the skies.

Playing the demo for me was pretty interesting to say the least. Walked through the process with Eric Chung through Playstation 4 and PC crossplay. As I play on Xbox primarily, Playstation was still pretty foreign to me. And being one of the few who plays y-axis inverted as well, I had to suffer my way through the demo. We played both offense and defense for Assault with the Pyramidian airship. I manned the guns as he steered the ship. As waves of enemies made their way to us, I fended them off and shot down their ships while playing through the different types of ammos and turrets available. Shooting weak points on the enemy airships and outposts felt rewarding seeing them explode as we went on to the next objective. We were able to win the playing offensive, but weren’t as lucky playing on defense ending with us unable to hold the enemy airships off.


With many players favoring the game either for its artwork, character design or steampunk airships; I can definitely see why now. Overall, Guns Of Icarus: Alliance is a fun MMO that you and a couple of friends will enjoy. With plenty to play and even more on how you’ll play, this is a game you do not want to miss out on.

Guns Of Icarus: Alliance is available now on Steam, but also plan to be in PS4 certification by the end of 2017. Giving the game a release planned for the first half of 2018.