PAX West 2017: No Mobile Fighter Comes Close To Hamsterdam

PAX West 2017: No Mobile Fighter Comes Close To Hamsterdam


With many of the indies at PAX, mobile is one that usually doesn’t grab my attention. But after looking at Hamsterdam, it really makes me rethink what I might be missing on that platform.

Hamsterdam has you play as Pimm, on an adventure to save his grandfather against a new rodent gang that inhabits Hamsterdam. With the martial arts skill Pimm learned from his Grandfather, he must use it to stop the notorious Rodent Gang and save the people they’re holding captive. Fighting your way through worlds disguised as different districts of the city to find out what Marlo really has planned with Pimm’s grandfather and his Cafe.


Made by the team at Muse Games, it’s an interesting approach as this is a complete 180 from their more well know game Guns Of Icarus. I’ll be talking about that game in another article.

Hamsetrdam started as a side project about 3 years ago, with them working on the game from time to time. But once the game started setting a foundation this year, they’ve put more time into it to bring it to what we’ve seen so far. And leading me to ask the question from the name alone: Why hamsters? When the game was still in concept, they wanted to make something completely different from their other project. One of the artists drew a hamster just as a joke, but it sparked something bigger than just a few laughs. Hamsterdam just being a project pushed aside, mobile seemed easy to do when all attention was taken from Guns Of Icarus.

But the real difficulty was how they worked on the game. With their main team in New York and the other overseas, it wasn’t easy managing work with the different time zones. But eventually it pulled through, bringing the two teams together to create what Hamsterdam is today as of yet.


After meeting with Eric Chung, the Lead Game Designer at Muse Games I went straight to the demo. Playing on a tablet, it’s pretty foreign to the usual console controller and I started with the tutorial. With straight forward swipes and taps to fight the enemies, it was easy to pick up and head to the main demo. The part that really grabbed my attention was how fluid the fighting got once I went into the demo. Freeflow-esc attacks between each enemy until my K.O. meter was filled to take out the more bigger enemies. Countering was pretty diverse as well, each quick-time event was always different in how to interact depending if I had to swipe a certain way, tap a specific area or mash my attacks in a set time.

Following with the transition to the boss battle was a running minigame. Traversing through the city, collecting seeds as Pimm jumps on and over tubes. As well as pouncing on other enemies before reaching the boss. A large rodent in a suit trying to smash Pimm was the perfect challenge. With timed taps to attack and swipes to dodge him from crushing me, I managed to take him down and spam taps to really do some damage. After doing that a few more times I was able to finish the demo. Leaving me wanting more.

Overall Hamsterdam is a cute looking, but intense mobile fighting game that I really anticipate seeing when it launches. As of yet there’s no official release date for the game, but there is a timeframe for the end of 2017 after the game is fully finished and touched up.